Monday, June 9, 2014


Halfway-ish through this year's reading challenge. It's so weird, but keeping track of the books I'm reading is lending them a snapshot quality I was missing out on before-- like, I remember clearly sitting in the lobby of Flynn's Tire reading "The Divine Invasion" while I waited for them to repair my third flat of the winter. I was breaking a strawberry candy in my teeth. It was dark outside and the phone was ringing a lot and I felt bad about being there so close to closing, as if I might offer to make do on a completely flat tire until a more convenient time to repair it could be found.

That's time I would not have otherwise remembered.

I remember reading "Lord of the Flies" and telling my girlfriend where I was in the book-- had really just started it, as Piggy was being introduced-- and seeing the look on her face at the mention of his name and realizing things would not turn out well for Piggy. As if I couldn't have guessed that anyway. I mean his name is Piggy.

This is a good project.