Friday, August 24, 2012

"I Didn't Mean to be Kevin" is FREE.

You mooches. You leeches. You barnacles: Caleb Ross' "I Didn't Mean to be Kevin" is absolutely FREE for the Kindle, August 24th through Aug 28th. Don't delay. Caleb wants you to want him. He needs you to need him. He'll shine up the old brown shoes and put on a brand new shirt. Seriously though, what reason do you have not to get this? It's FREE. The proof is HERE, on AMAZON!

"A stirring novel, this extraordinary work plays upon the reader's willingness to suspend disbelief and turns it on its ear...Covering ground similar to the works of Sherman Alexie and Chuck Palahniuk, this is an author worth keeping an eye on." -Publishers Weekly

" of the most amazing fiction concepts I've ever read." -Rayo Casablanca, author of 6 Sick Hipsters and Very Mercenary

"In I Didn't Mean to Be Kevin, Caleb J. Ross writes fearlessly, never shying away from the wild, insane places where his fertile imagination leads him. The first half a twisted take on small-town aimlessness, the second half the American road novel from hell, the book is ultimately a darkly comedic evaluation of a generation of motherless men." -Joey Goebel, author of Torture the Artist and Commonwealth

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