Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fog Gorgeous Stag and a Shitty Breadbox.

My copy of Sean Lovelace's latest book "Fog Gorgeous Stag" has arrived from Amazon, along with a completely unacceptable bamboo breadbox that appears to have been kicked all the way to my door. That would imply that Lovelace's book was also punted into my hands. Indeed, it is slightly dog-eared.

I know there are probably more artist-friendly ways of purchasing writing, but I had an Amazon gift certificate that was burning a hole in my imagination.

Your next question is doubtlessly why I spent part of my gift certificate on a breadbox. I was trying to be a grown up. My typical mode of bread storage is to place it in a large bowl beneath the fruit until it is slowly compacted into dense, inedible bread balls. Why beneath the fruit? Because fruit gets plucked up on-the-go. I can't be moving bread all day to get at the bananas.

I'm returning it (the breadbox) and buying what I originally had in my cart: Atomik Aztex by Sesshu Foster and Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus. Ben, Sesshu-- I'm sorry. What an indignity. I bought a shitty breadbox instead of your words, and now we're all paying the price. At least I'm making it right.

Aside from all that nonsense, I am looking forward to digging into some Lovelace.


  1. Oooh, as the publisher of Lovelace, Amazon really burns me up—but I can't resist buying from them either. If you find FGS too dog-eared to enjoy, let me know (adam at publishinggenius dot com) and I'll happily mail you a more satisfying copy. The breadbox I can't help with.

  2. Adam, thanks for stopping by-- I know the consensus has been growing against Amazon for a long time. And I know I'm making a deal with the devil when I buy from them, but it's hard when relatives are pushing shiny gift cards into your hand.

    I assure you FGS could never be too dog-eared to enjoy. Lovelace is a blast. Thanks for what you do!