Monday, March 4, 2013

Revisiting Favorites-- Bone Hotel by Yarrow Paisley.

Did I ever post this? It's one of my favorites I keep coming back to. Other than being haunting and capturing the summary liquid horror of a nightmare-- the logic of which we are appalled to find somehow recognizable-- I feel this story is extraordinarily efficient. Read, enjoy: Bone Hotel by Yarrow Paisley.


  1. Thank you, what a pleasure to encounter your post ... this is exactly the sort of response I would hope for from a reader. (And it's nice to feel read, so thanks for that too! :)

    And congratulations on the Pear Noir appearance. I had a piece in number 7, so it's like we're brothers!

    All the best,

  2. Thanks brother, and thanks for coming by! To be honest I've been following your stuff for a spell, it really grabs me. The Pain Painter is another great read. I wish Abjective was still publishing, it was always a dependable destination for good work.

    Thanks again, will see you around the web--

  3. Yes, Abjective was a great venue with a clean design, and in fact, a second piece of mine was the last piece published there! Like I killed it or something ... But it's nice he's maintaining the url, so the archive's still accessible, and it's also nice that he set up a random redirect so that mine wasn't the eternal landing page. :)

    If you'd like to connect on Facebook, feel free to friend me -- I did a quick search, but there were a bunch of Jason Kanes... (And if you're not on Facebook, I envy you!)

    1. I am on Facebook, will shoot you a request next chance I get!